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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are the two most common types of Bankruptcy. Which one you chose is going to depend on your situation. Each has advantages and disadvantages; this is why your free evaluation is so crucial. After calling 1-855-341-3926 or submitting the form above a participating attorney will review your request at no cost. During the free evaluation, you will learn what's included in bankruptcy, how it protects you and if you are eligible.

If you decide bankruptcy is right for you an attorney can fight to protect your rights and property, fight aggressive and annoying creditors, help protect your home, vehicles and other property. Businesses may find protection through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This option provides for reorganization, usually involving a corporation or partnership. Failed businesses along with medical bills, foreclosure, health issues, job loss and divorce are common reasons for bankruptcy.

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy should be your decision and never let anyone force you into a financial decision that does not make sense. Almost one million people or businesses file bankruptcy each year in the United States. Bankruptcy was established by the US Government to help struggling Americans find relief and get a fresh start.

Am I Eligible For Bankruptcy?

Before doing anything you should see if you are eligible to file bankruptcy. It cost nothing to see if you qualify. Start the online evaluation above or call 1-855-341-3926 for more bankruptcy information.

Possible Benefits of Bankruptcy

  • Resolve Credit Card Bills
  • Eliminate Medical & Hospital Bills
  • Prevent Wage Garnishment
  • Stop Aggressive Creditor Harassment
  • End Collection Calls
  • Help Keeping Your Car
  • Protecting Home From Foreclosure
  • Help With Student Loan Debt

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Get A Fresh Start

Bankruptcy offers you an opportunity to protect your self & start fresh.

Protect Assets

Bankruptcy may allow you to protect your car, home, bank account and more from creditors.

End Harassing Calls

Put an end to unwanted phone calls and harassment from creditors & bill collectors.